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The increased demand for dietary supplements calls one-stop service for brands, Suzhou ProTech has years of experience for private label service. Suzhou Protech continually reevaluates our OEM product portfolio to align with emerging market trends.

Softgels/Capsules Gummy Tablets Drops
Astaxantin softgel Blueberry Gummy Amino acid tablets Multivitamin Drops
CLA softgel Vitamin C Gummy BCAA tablet Varieties of oil Drops
Cod liver oil softgel Milk Calcium Gummy Calcium Magnesium Tablet probiotics Drops
CoQ10 softgel Flavon Calcium+VC Gummy Chlorella tablet Vitamin D3 Drops
DHA softgels Multivitamin Gummy Folic acid tablet Vitamin AD Drops
Evening Primrose Oil softgel DHA+vitamins Gummy L-Glutamine tablet Iron Drops
Fish oil softgel Sleep health Gummy Hyaluronic acid tablet  
Flaxseed oil softgel L-Glutamine Gummy Magnesium Citrate Tablets  
Hemp oil softgel Krill oil with filling Gummy Magnesium + VB6 tablet  
Krill oil softgel Eye Health Gummy Melatonin tablet  
Krill oil softgel Eye Health Gummy Melatonin tablet  
Lecithin softgel Tuna fish oil coated Gummy SAM-e tablet  
Melatonin Softgel Strawberry & Chia seed coated Gummy Spirulina tablet  
Vitamin D3 softgel Vitamin C gummy Multivitamins Tablets  
Vitamin E softgel L-Glutamine gummy Zinc tablets  
Vitamin K2 softgel Acerola cherry gummy    
Alpha Lipoic Acid capsule Elderberry gummy    
BCAA capsule Pomegranate gummy    
Berberine HCL capsule Iron gummy    
Biotin capsule GABA gummy    
Biotin capsule Collagen + Sialic acid gummy    
Chlorella capsule melatonin gummy    
Jonit health capsule Apple vinegar gummy    
Co Q10 capsule GABA + collagen gummy    
L-Glutathione capsule Leutin gummy    
Melatonin capsule Astaxanthin gummy    
Phosphatidylserine capsule Carnitine gummy    
Resveratrol capsule Hemp oil gummy    
Spirulina capsule More new products waiting to be updated    
Turmeric capsule      
Yohimbine hcl capsule